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More Than 35 Years in Business

New Jersey Registered
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Roof Shingles

Safeguard your home no matter what the weather condition is.  We offer roof shingles installation and replacement.

Pipe Flashing

Get rid of your roof leaks by replacing the pipe flashing. We offer roof pipe flashing replacement and repair.

Who We Are

Dave’s Roofing is an insured and registered roofing contractor located in Ocean, New Jersey. Our family-owned-and-operated business has more than 35 years of experience in providing a range of roof repair solutions. We offer free estimates for our shingle roofing services for residential customers. In addition, we do pipe flashing replacements and vinyl siding repairs. Count on us to give you the best quality in the area when it comes to roof repair and replacement.

Contact our roofing contractor in Ocean, New Jersey, to learn more about our efficient solutions for roof repair and replacement.